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Il Gioco del Gran Premio

 Box format: 38x33x4 cm
  Game board format: 64x37 cm

 € 28.00

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I Gioco del Gran Premio – The Grand Prix Game – is a linguistically accurate reproduction of this kind of product from 80 years ago, respecting materials and techniques of the period.  The model cars are made of aluminium alloy and the dice of enamelled wood.  Paper and cardboard are matt finish, with the slightly coarse appearance of old printing.

Imagine you are with Nuvolari, Varzi, Rosemeyer, Caracciola and Chiron.  The fast Alfa Romeos, the powerful Mercedes and the elegant Bugattis are lined up on the starting grid.  Choose your car, don your leather cap, gloves and goggles and get ready to race.

The game can be personalised for clubs and teams (with your logo both on the box and the game board) . Contatct us for informtion, special prices and terms.


The pieces consist of a board with 34 spaces representing the grand prix race-track, two card decks, 6 coloured car tokens and one dice.