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Second edition
reviewed & enhanced

Fiat 500 - la Guida / the Guide

Format: 17x24 cm
140 pages
250 pictures b/w
Italian and English text
Weight: Kg 0.45

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To restore a 500 is not so easy as it looks like. "Fiat 500 - la Guida / the Guide" is a very useful manual that easily explains all the differences among series, versions and models, so to be always sure about the correct components to use on each car. More than 250 b/w pictures show all the body, interior and mechanical components. Detailed tables help about identification, colors, chassis numbers and production years.
The second edition has been reviewed and enhanced (50% more pages). After thousands copies sold, "Fiat 500 - la Guida / the Guide" confirms itself as an essential tool for everyone would start an accurate restoration of a 500.



Who has already bought the book, can download here the errata-corriges in .pdf format, which recover some mistakes written in the text.

Fiat 500: la Guida-the Guide - Errata corrige 1.1 to the 1st edition

Fiat 500: la Guida-the Guide - Errata corrige 2.2 to the 2nd edition (new release - 02/2009)