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Eodardo Ferrero

Fiat 130: una protagonista italiana

ISBN 978-88-96796-08-5

Format: DIN A4 (21x29,7 cm)
80 pages
More than 300 color pictures
Italian text
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Stop with always the same Jaguar, Mercedes or BMW. Cars with the name of a brand. It was the  “130”. A nuber without brand, able to show imediately, with just thre digits, its owner's social status: “He owned a 130”, “driving his 130 coupé”, “with his cream-colour 130 color", was said by period newspapers. Three digits. One style.

This is an unusal book. It's not about technics and doesn't describe a car, but how that car has been cart of daily life and movies, mainly in Italy but not only. The 130 was forst of all a mindset and a way to appear, classy and with the unmistakable Italian style. It appears often in the major events described in  those years by newspapers, from the most dramatic (connected with the terrorism) to the most glamour. But it was also a character of several movies filmed in the '70s and 80s, from the unforgettable "Scherzo" by Lina Wertmuller to the nice“Brogliaccio d'amore” by Nadine Trintignant, passing through the most funny classics, from Bud Spencer featuring “Piedone” to the famous Fantozzi's bike race.

Several newspaper clippings, movie stills, captions, memories and irony have been filed in this book that picture the great Fiat flagship under a different point of view.