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Eodardo Ferrero, Massimo Cavicchio

A tutte le auto inseguite dalla Polizia

ISBN 978-88-96796-16-0

Format: DIN A4 (21x29,7 cm)
72 pages
More than 300 color pictures
Italian text
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Another book about Italian detective movies? No, this is a different book. The actual protagonists of this book are the cars: Police's Alfas and their counterparts, chased - and oftern destroyed - in the spectacular sequences of the main movies form the '70s. It's a very wide panoramic on all the modesl that have been used in the italian movies, each one with its own character and linked to a given movie stereotype: from the crimanls' BNW 1800 to the businessman's  Fiat 130, from the robbers' Alfa 1750 to the pimps' Ford Mustang.
Several stills, witty commented by the authots, depict the period cars under a new and funny point of view.