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Alessandro Sannia

Dany Brawand designer

ISBN 978-88-96796-19-1

Format: DIN A4R (29,7x21 cm)
88 pages
More than 120 b/w and color pictures
Italian, French and English text
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Dany Brawand was a brilliant styilist, acute, often ahead of his time. For over a decade he worked with a master like Giovanni Michelotti and later, after a short time as a freelance, was responsbile of the Turin-based firm Moretti's Styling Centre. In his career he styled important cars as the Moretti 124 Coupé, the Midimaxi and the Panda Rock, without considering the countless models he worked on when at Michelotti's.

This book offers a wonderful overview on his creativity and on the working method of styling a "fuoriserie" under a point of view absolutely unique and unusual, publishing for the first time several sketches and drawings from the stylist's personal archive, soon after he passed away.