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Aldo Zana


ISBN 978-88-96796-52-8

Format: 23x28 cm
280 pages
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When the Americans came to Monza to show Europeans how to race on oval tracks. When Monza hosted the fastest races in history. When the European pilots firstrefused the challenge and then, driving Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar, were sonorously beaten. It's an intriguing history of 1957 and 1958, that this books uncovers for the firsttime since its title, “Monzanapolis”, synthesis of the two worlds, Europe and America, and their most famous race tracks: Monza and Indianapolis.The challenge among pilots, cars, technologies and mindsets on the two sides of the Atlantic ocean began in 1905 and for 50 years had plenty of interesting events: the Europeans went in America to win (and did it two times) and the Americans came to France and Italy (winning only once). All these races, at their time very important and famous, but nearly forgotten today, are described in detail in this book.