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Le fuoristrada Fiat

Format: DIN A4 (21x29,7 cm)
Hard paper cover
240 pages
More than 600 pictures b/w
Italian text
Weight: Kg 1.40

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“Le fuoristrada Fiat” (The Fiat off roads) starts with the born of cars for special uses, from the first experiments with military vehicles in the early '900, the Italian-Turkish war and the World War First; then it talks about the “Coloniali” versions of the cars made by Fiat for the Libya and East Italian Africa markets, and finally about the “Militari” version employed by the italian Regio Esercito to gain the Empire and during the World War Second.
A short chapter is about the Fiat 1014, the first 6x4 off road made by Fiat but never produced.
The books shows in detail the Campagnola and its military versions, A.R. 51, A.R. 55 and A.R. 59.
A chapter is about the off roads cars made by coachbuilders and small factories since the late '50s to the '80s and based on chassis or mechanical parts of Fiat cars like 500, 600, 127, 126 or 124.
Then are described the New Campagnola and the military A.R.76, with their based on versions.
The last chapter is about the modern 4x4s: first of all the Panda, then the Tempra S.W. and all the special fittings, the prototypes and the 4WD concept-cars Fiat-based made in the last 20 years, up to the very recent Simba and Doblò Sandstorm prototypes.
A mention is also about the experimental prototypes never gone into production, about the off road cars made out of Italy under Fiat license and about the small 4x4 lorries with Fiat engine.